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About Me

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Attended Palisade’s charter high school where I was 1st team All-CIF Offense and Defense. Earning a full ride football Scholarship to New Mexico State University, graduating NMSU with Two degrees. For the last 9 years, I’ve dedicated myself to being a Student Advisor, Athlete Advisor/Academic Liaison & Coach

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Why Mentorship/Consultant

Mentorship can provide athletes with valuable guidance, skill development, emotional support, networking opportunities, personal growth, perspective, and inspiration. They can be instrumental in helping athletes navigate the challenges and complexities of their athletic careers, leading to improved performance and overall well-being

What we do

True Resluts

Skill development

Goal setting and planning

Strategy and game analysis

Mental and psychological support:

Performance analysis and feedback

Mentorship and guidance

Team dynamics and leadership

 Ivy League

 Military Academies

Private Research Universities 

State Universities

...We are Truly across the country...

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True To You


Cooper Barkate

"Besides teaching me the game of football Coach Ray has helped me navigate through the game of life. He has helped me develop a strong, confident, winning mentality in life that very few are able to obtain."


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Email: TRUESPORTMENTORING@GMAIL.COM  /  Tel: 323-203-4685  

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